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Recipes for Kurozu Food

Deep-fried chicken with Kurozu sauce

This spicy and sour sauce is the perfect accompaniment to traditional Japanese deep-fried chicken.

(Serves 2)
Chicken (wings are best)
Salt and pepper

【Kurozu sauce】
Garlic  one clove minced
Chili pepper  one sliced
Sakamoto Kurozu  2 tbsps
Soy sauce  2 tbsps
Sesame oil  2 tbsps

Mix the sause ingredients together. Deep-fly the seasoned chicken. Serve with the Kurozu sauce.

Kurozu dressing

For salads, marinades, etc…
Sakamoto Kurozu is milder than ordinary vinegar.

(1 cup)
Sakamoto Kurozu  1/2 cup
Soy sauce  3 tbsps
Stock  1 cube
Sugar  1 tbsp

Olive oil  2 tbsps
Sesame oil  1 tbsp
Grated onion  30 g
Grated carrot  30 g
Garlic  1 clove minced

Mix A, and dissolve stock cube and sugar well. Add B, and stir.

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